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Buy Facebook App Installs

Buy Facebook App Installs

Facebook is combining its lucrative app install ads with deep linking so a specific in-app purchase page opens once the app downloads. The result is a powerful new tool for direct marketers that sell products and services through apps.

Direct marketing is popular on the web where users can see an ad for a specific product and quickly open it in a new browser tab to make a purchase. But on mobile if a merchant sells through an app, it first must convince people to download their app, then hope customers follow through by digging into the app for the purchase highlighted by the ad.

Facebook is now letting deep linking handle that last chore instead, which could increase conversion rates to the point that app install ads and direct marketing can be one and the same. I call these “in-app purchase install ads”, and they could help Facebook blow past the $3.32 billion in ad revenue it earned last quarter.buy facebook app installs" href="http://appurz.com" target="_blank">buy facebook app installs

Imagine a Facebook mobile News Feed ad for HotelTonight. The business doesn’t just want downloads. It wants people to buy hotel rooms that earn it a commission. So it targets an ad to people currently in Los Angeles who normally live in San Francisco– people likely to be on an impromptu trip to LA.

Previously, HotelTonight could entice app installs by making its ad say “Get a hotel room tonight in New York City”. But if a user clicked through and downloaded the ad in hopes of booking one of those rooms, they’d have to search for New York City once the app installs. That’s a lot of effort, especially when it can take a minute or so to download apps. Users might get distracted, forget why they downloaded the app, or just be too lazy. In this case, HotelTonight may have paid to get an app install, but didn’t earn money from a sale.


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Buy Facebook App Installs Buy Facebook App Installs

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